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Best Beauty Tips from Our Award Winning Beauty Journalist

Martina Mercer is an award winning beauty journalist. She has won the 2014 Working Mum of the Year, been a finalist in the MyFaceMyBody awards as beauty journalist of the year, twice and is currently the editor of Sunday Woman magazine- a publication we love. She’s agreed to be our resident expert and along with giving her unrivalled tips and advice she also tests every product we feature to ensure it is special enough for you.

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hi I am trying to place my first order and enter the coupon code ‘lLOVEMUM’ and it is saying it has expired but your website says it is valid until 12th April 2015. from Sarah Patterson 3. April 2015

So sorry about this. Our dates crossed over and we realised we had two promotions open at the same time. Please use code ILOVENUU for the 10% off and really sorry for the inconvenience.

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